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Wood Technologist Association (WTA)

Wood Technologist Association (WTA) is a non-government organization of plywood and other wood-processing industries in India, providing a unique platform for all its stakeholders to interact and introduce path-breaking measures for progress of the industry through co-operation, dialogue and understanding with the Government authorities.
Wood Technologist Association – WTA is a nonprofit private body created by few passionate individuals in the plywood & panel industry sectors in India. WTA was formed in the year 2008.
WTA has been working towards bringing all the stakeholders of the sector – Industry-Farmers-Institutions-Administration together to become a bridge for initiating and proposing various policies and systems in this sector.
WTA has initiated various farmer-institute-industry integration programs during the last 14 years and has been making all the ground efforts to sensitise the industry about playing a role in expanding our agroforestry resources and Trees Outside Forests (ToF) in order to realis the dream of our Hon PM Shri Narendra ModiJi to double farmers income, increase green cover, provide more rural jobs, and achieve 33% green cover by 2030.
WTA has submitted memorandum and communications since the time of former Min of Environment and Forests Shri Jairam Ramesh, and continuing to submit representations to succeeding Ministers of the MoEFCC, including Shri Prakash Javedekar and Dr Harsh Vardan.
WTA is an active ground force in bringing up matters of significance with regard to Raw Material augmentation, wood price imbalances and problems faced by both farmers as well as the industry in expanding our timber resources and making India timber-independent by 2050.
India is a net importer of timber and timber products now. It will be surprising to all that India’s production of plywood and panel products stood at around 12.5 million cubic meters, whereas our imports stood at around 15.5 million cubic meters. Like this, there is a gap of demand and supply in every other WBI sector. By 2030, our plywood and panel consumption is estimated to reach 57.5 million cubic meters, as India is progressing fast in terms of increase in basic income, higher consumption by the middle class and increased requirements in modular construction raw materials, especially plywood and panels. This is a 3.5 fold increase in requirement in just over a span of coming 8 years.